Croatia is the most sought-after destination in Europe

Croatia is the most sought-after destination in all of Europe, according to the latest data from the vacation rental research group (AirDNA).

Croatia is a tourist destination with a rich history, many visitors from all over the world come to visit its Adriatic coast, which is filled with clean beaches, and walk through the cities of its countless picturesque locations.

In addition, Croatia is the best country in Europe with a 132 percent increase in overnight stays compared to last year. Thus, it left behind its traditional Mediterranean competitors, Italy and Spain.

Unlike Italy and Spain, which were very strict about reopening after the pandemic, Croatia lifted almost all travel restrictions as of May 3.

AirDNA: Tourism has fully recovered

AirDNA’s latest monthly market review shows that Croatia is outperforming every other European destination in accommodation booking trends. However, Croatia is not the only one that has recently recorded a significant increase in accommodation reservations. In second place is Norway with a 117 percent increase in overnight stays, followed by Hungary with 97 percent. As far as Europe is concerned, a total of 7.2 percent more overnight stays were recorded in 2022 compared to 2019.

In this regard, AirDNA emphasized that „the tourism industry has fully recovered“ with arrivals figures exceeding pre-pandemic years. As a result, June is the ninth consecutive month in which the occupancy rate has increased, reaching 58.2 percent.

AirDNA is an internet tool that tracks changes in accommodation booking trends around the world by taking data from the famous Airbnb.

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