Kidnapping in Italy, a case related to Montenegro

The Italian prosecutor’s office in Brescia opened an investigation into a possible case of kidnapping, which is related to Montenegro.

According to the local media, a citizen of Montenegro took an eight-month-old daughter from her mother, her former partner, in that place and then, without her permission, but without her passport, took her to our country, most likely to Bar.

We are talking about a couple who have not been in a relationship for some time, where the girl’s father lives in Montenegro, and her mother Kristina (24) in Lombardy.

As RAI reported, the 28-year-old came to Monticgiari near Brescia and took the little girl from her mother, stating that they were going to the pool near Verona together.

However, as the mother claims, he took his eight-month-old daughter to Montenegro, which they allegedly entered without the child’s passport.

„The girl’s documents were left at her mother’s house, so the question is how did they enter Montenegro without her passport“, says RAI.

The police also confirmed that they are investigating the case.

„We have received a report, but for now we have no other evidence“, the investigators announced, as reported by RAI.

The couple, as reported by RAI, broke up after a few months of dating in Montenegro. The man was allegedly violent towards Christina, who decided to move to Italy during her pregnancy.

She told the police how the father took the girl to Bar. The identity of the man has not been released.

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