Rama: Either a return to war, or the Open Balkans

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that he 100 percent supports the government in Pristina in its intention to establish sovereignty over the entire territory of Kosovo, but that it is necessary to talk with the authorities in Belgrade. Rama said that yesterday’s events in the north of Kosovo show why we need the Open Balkans.

At a press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in Tirana, Rama said that he supports the Government of Kosovo, with the assessment that, as he said, „the exercise of sovereignty over the entire territory of the state of Kosovo“ is in accordance with the agreements reached in Brussels.

When asked by a journalist if last night’s events are the best indicator that Kosovo should not join the Open Balkans initiative, Rama replied that it is exactly the opposite.

„This situation does not show that the Open Balkans is unnecessary or wrong.“ It does not show that our approach to Serbia and the policy of rapprochement and dialogue is unnecessary, this situation shows why the Open Balkans is needed. That is the reason why Kosovo should come and sit at the table of the Open Balkans. When things go wrong, there are two ways – one is to return to war, in which no one wins, and the other way is to build peace,“ said Rama.

He also added that his friendly relations with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, do not prevent him from disagreeing on issues where they disagree.

He pointed out, however, that dialogue with Serbia is necessary and asked how it is possible for Kosovo to join NATO when members of the Alliance such as Spain, Romania or Slovakia do not recognize its independence.

„Do you know that until yesterday Russia was in the Partnership for Peace, Serbia is in the Partnership for Peace. Do you understand that we cannot include Kosovo even in the Partnership for Peace“, Rama asked.

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