This is how monkeypox virus is transmitted

As of yesterday, Montenegro is among the countries where cases of monkeypox have been officially registered. Actually, for now, one case has been registered, and the direct contacts of the sick person have been identified.

While the epidemic is extremely active throughout Europe, as well as on other continents, we should also remember the ways in which monkeypox is transmitted from person to person.

Most often it happens in three ways – by inhaling respiratory droplets, by directly touching an infected person, and sometimes by indirect contact.

Respiratory transmission involves the transmission of droplets that cannot stay in the air for a long time, nor travel far. Therefore, such transmission of infection most often occurs during intimate contacts.

It is similar in the case of touching an infected person, both when it comes to touching the skin and kissing.

Finally, when it comes to indirect contact, the probability of getting infected is lower, and it is most often transmitted through clothes or bedclothes that have traces of fluid from the wounds of an infected person.

Experts generally do not consider the virus a sexually transmitted infection, but as John Brooks, an epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said earlier, monkeypox can be transmitted during sexual intercourse.

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