These five jobs may be replaced by artificial intelligence by 2030.

It is believed that by 2030, as much as 30 percent of jobs could be replaced by software or robots with artificial intelligence, and this kind of forecast, as expected, worries employees the most. Several different industries and positions within them are “under attack”, and the well-known expert on artificial intelligence, Mark Minevich, predicted the five “most vulnerable”.

Investing in process automation and improving business methods unquestionably brings with it changes in the structure of workplaces, especially in cases where the performance of AI software or robots is at an enviably high level. For now, of course, it cannot be claimed with 100% certainty that artificial intelligence will replace this or that profession, but the chances of something like that happening when it comes to these five are very high.

“Jobs that I believe are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence in the coming years are cashiers, telemarketers, truck drivers, bookkeepers, accountants and radiologists,” the expert explained.

For each profession, Minevič also had an explanation: cashiers are in the “most vulnerable” category for the simple reason that more and more stores are investing in online business and automating the processing, preparation and transport of shipments, while telemarketers have been “on the back burner” for some time, since bots are becoming more communicative and advanced day by day. Truck drivers will certainly soon be replaced by “smart” trucks that will be driven by autopilot, while accounting software will soon have its own algorithms that will take over most of the work.

What attracted perhaps the most attention is the claim that artificial intelligence could soon replace even narrowly specialized medical workers such as radiologists, however, the expert explained this with the advancement of technologies and algorithms based on machine learning. After all, if we remember the fact that artificial intelligence detects more cancer cases than doctors, all dilemmas disappear.

What are the safest jobs that will be hard to replace by AI?

Fortunately, there are also those jobs that even artificial intelligence, no matter how much it advances in the next few years, will not be able to replace. Here, on the other hand, specific occupations are not listed, but the most important characteristics of those who engage in them. Minevich is of the opinion that AI will not be able to “steal” jobs that require typically human traits, reports RT Balkan.

“It is crucial that people focus on developing their natural abilities – creativity, emotional intelligence, flexibility and strategic thinking,” said the expert.

Source: Politica

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