Serbia: Collision of two trains, 52 people injured

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In the town of Ratkovo in the municipality of Odzaci in Vojvodina, Serbia, there was a train accident last night, when a passenger and freight train collided, Serbian media reported. No casualties. According to RTS, 52 people came to the hospital. Three were detained for treatment, including the train driver.

At 6:47 p.m., a passenger train collided with a freight train from the rear on the Odžaci-Ratkovo railway line, the Railway Infrastructure of Serbia announced.

“The collision occurred when the passenger train caught up with the freight train and hit the rear wagon of the freight train,” the announcement states.

As RTS learns, the passenger train derailed during the collision.

“Infrastructure of Serbian Railways” reports that both trains were traveling from Novi Sad to Bogojevo.

52 people came to the hospital

In the company Infrastruktura železnice Srbije, it was stated that five people were injured – four passengers and the train driver, whose shoulder was injured.

However, RTS initially learned from the police that at least 20 were injured and that they were transported to the Odzaci Health Center and the hospital in Sombor. Later in the evening, an RTS reporter from the scene reported that 52 people had reported to the hospital.

Three were detained for treatment, including the driver who was the most seriously injured.

One of the passengers, Ognjen Sovilj, who was admitted to the hospital in Sombor, says that at the moment of the collision, he got up to get his bag.

“The driver started braking suddenly… After the collision, I flew a little, then I collapsed and was on the floor. I can’t move my neck very much and my leg and knee are swollen. “It is still not determined what happened, maybe there was a break,” Sovilj said.

The cause of the accident was a human factor

The police, emergency teams and the Railway Commission came to the scene of the collision. The Railway Infrastructure of Serbia states that the cause of the accident is the human factor.

“The Railway Commission for the Investigation of Extraordinary Events is conducting an investigation in order to determine who is responsible for tonight’s train collision,” the announcement states.

On this part of the railway, passenger trains move at about 100 kilometers per hour. As the RTS reporter learned from the commission members on the spot, the train driver most likely spotted the freight train and started braking.

It has not yet been announced how many passengers were on the passenger train. It is assumed that the train was full, mostly students who use the train, the cheapest transport, especially on Fridays.

“Srbijavoz” says in a statement that the safety of passengers and the entire railway traffic is a priority, and that they will continue to do everything so that such and similar accidents do not happen again in the future.

Source: RTS

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