Instagram introduced the “Close Friends” option for posts and Reels

Social network Instagram has expanded its Close Firends feature from Stories and Notes to Posts and Reels.

Instagram users can now choose to share their posts and Reels with a smaller group of people they trust more instead of all their followers.

The Instagram team claims that users use the Close Friends option “as a pressure-free space to connect with the people who matter most to them. By expanding the Close Friends feature to Reels and feed posts, the developer hopes to offer users “more ways to be who they really are on Instagram, and to have more choices about who sees their content.”

Sharing Reels and posts only with close friends is pretty straightforward. When a user creates a post, they need to tap the Audience button, then select the Close Friends option, and finally tap the Share button. The Post or Reel will have a Close Friends tag, so only users on the Close Friends list will see it.

It is worth noting that the list of close friends will be the same group of people in all functions on Instagram. However, Instagram is looking for other ways to share content with a smaller audience. Last month, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri revealed that his team is experimenting with a feature that allows users to share Stories with different subgroups of followers. Facebook users have long been able to create different lists of friends and choose which of them they want to share a post with.

Source: CDM

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