A new type of glass was created

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Researchers at the University of Maryland managed to create a new type of glass that cools room temperature without consuming electricity or other energy, reports Science Daily.

This special type of glass can be applied as a thin layer and thus cool the covered surface by 3.5 degrees Celsius, even when the ambient temperature is close to 40 degrees.

The new technology, called microporous glass coating, if applied during the construction of apartments, can reduce the emission of harmful carbon dioxide per housing unit by more than 10 percent, without using additional energy.

The glass coating reflects 99 percent of solar radiation and almost completely prevents the building or other objects from heating up, converting the heat into long-wave infrared radiation.

When directed, this radiation passes through the earth’s atmosphere without being retained and is released in outer space, where temperatures are extremely low and reach -270C.

This same cooling principle, the Maryland researchers say, is also used by nature. Planet Earth cools in the same way, especially during clear nights when enormous amounts of thermal energy are released into space in the form of infrared radiation.

Source: Science Daily

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