A large gas deposit was discovered in Croatia

INA recently announced that it had discovered a large gas deposit near Grubišno Polje, Croatia, and initiated the procedure for issuing permits in order to start extraction as soon as possible. This is good news for a small town that is already turning into an important gas center, but also for independence in supplying gas to domestic consumers, writes HRT.

In a place where several months of investigative work and tests were carried out, only the wellhead gives a hint that serious work is to come. On the Veliki Rastovac 1 well, approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Grubišno Polje, the works lasted during May and June. The quantities of gas found here are so great that their commercial exploitation is eagerly awaited.

“During testing, we achieved a maximum flow of 140,000 cubic meters per day, which roughly represents about 7% of INA’s production,” said Goran Jović, Director of Research, INA d.d.

And not only that, he says, the deposit is so big that they want to include another well in the production. A prerequisite for further investments is the extraction of the so-called exploitation field.

“We plan to build a connecting gas pipeline and put the field into production in 2027 in accordance with the current plan for obtaining permits for hydrocarbon exploitation in Croatia,” Jović points out.

In Grubišno Polje, they are very happy because starting this summer, thanks to the gas deposits, their budget is also growing. With two wells in that area, the company Underground gas storage is already supplying up to fifteen percent of the total domestic production into the system.

“This year, we have planned somewhere around 4 million kuna of our income, with the fact that half of it will be collected by the county, so these are significant funds that will come to our giro account,” said Zlatko Madjeruh, mayor of Grubišno Polje.

Next year, the mining rent will reach one million euros, but there will be more investments. A new gas station is about to be opened, and when the wells are exhausted in three to four years, the reservoir will be converted into an underground gas storage. The project worth 67 million euros is one of the state’s strategic investments that will increase security of supply to domestic consumers.

Source: HRT

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