Chaos in the Parliament of Albania: The leader of the opposition lit a torch in protest

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There was a chaotic situation in the Parliament of Albania, when the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, started burning papers as a sign of protest, and also lit a torch.

According to his own promise, Sali Berisha decided to disrupt every session of this legislative body. This time, he decided to light torches and paper, which caused real chaos in the hall.

In order to show that his intention was serious, Berisha decided to end the session in this way already after five minutes, thus he did not allow his colleagues to adopt the budget for 2024.

In addition to all of the above, the opposition made barricades in the hall with chairs, and the government responded by sending security to Berisha, who tried to get to the lectern.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was supposed to participate in this session, and Berisha accused him and the rest of the government of supporting criminals.

Source: Attentive Media

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